About the App

IMG_2163 The Family Dog App has been created with families and their dogs in mind.

With a bit of friendly AND family competition Family Dog encourages you to walk your dog regularly and you will be rewarded for doing so!


It’s easy and speedy to create profiles for you and your dog! Sign up using Facebook or with an email address and add as many dogs as you wish, and walk!

With Family Dog you can also invite and connect family members and friends. All the walks can then be collectively recorded and shared in the dog’s profile page.

Once you’re connected you can even walk together using just one device!

IMG_0824 Track your dog walk in real time using the iPhone’s built-in GPS technology to accurately plot your route on the interactive map and calculate time and distance. Then collect your family dog points at the end of each walk.

 Share your walk with family or friends using our sharing and posting options with facebook, twitter, email or SMS.


Walk your dog and compete with family & friends at the same time!  Finish in the top 3 positions of the family, friends or global leaderboards to win a weekly achievement. 

Every Sunday, leaderboards will be calculated and verified, and gold, liver and bronze achievements are distributed to those who have walked their dogs the most in the past 7 days.

 Your achievement(s) will be added to your ranks and the leaderboards are then reset for the next week! Let the dog walking begin!

Whilst out on your walks, look to unlock and complete our achievements to strengthen your Family Dog cred!

Download it for free and get connected with your family!