What devices are compatible with the app?
The app works on devices operating with iOS 7.0 or onwards.

Which regions can download the app?
The app is available for download worldwide.

Does the app require an Internet connection and GPS location signal?
The tracking function during a dog walk requires a GPS location signal. If you have very poor GPS signal it’s likely that the walk will end automatically. You may experience some inaccuracy with your walked route on the map during periods of poor GPS signal. An Internet connection is required to view certain pages within the app. It is also required to use online features such as the social media sharing and posting options.

I would like to write a review for the app, how do I do this?
If you enjoy using the app, please let us know by leaving a positive review on the app store.
To leave a review:
1. Search for Family Dog in the App Store on your iPhone.
2. Click the app listing and scroll to ‘Reviews’.
3. Tap ‘Reviews’ and scroll to ‘Write a Review’.

If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, please send us an email. This is the best way for us to solve any issues you may have, as we aren’t able to respond to reviews on the App Store.
Please contact: support@familydogapp.com

How do I send you feedback about the app?
We’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions on how we can improve the app or if you spot something that’s not working.
Please email: support@familydogapp.com

How do I update the app to the latest version?
If you have already downloaded the app, you can get the new version by updating via the App Store. This can be done directly on your iPhone by going to the App Store updates.

I have forgotten my password, how can reset it?
The app should keep you logged in so a password won’t is unlikely to be required. If you are required to log in, a forgotten password option is available on the log in screens. You will be redirected to the family dog website to reset your password.

How do I connect with my family dog?

If other member of your family has already added your dog to the app, simply connect with that person, and your dog will then appear in the ‘Add dogs’ page. Simply click ‘add dog’ and a request will be sent to the owner. Once the request has been accepted, your family dog will appear on your start walk screen.

How do I view my dog’s profile?
Simply click on the dog’s name on the start walk page.

How do I view a walker’s profile?
Simply click on the person’s name, either on the family page or in the leaderboards.

How do I invite family and friends to connect?
Connect page > add people.
There are a number of ways to invite your family and friends. If you know that your friend has already downloaded the app, you can search for his or her email address to connect. A request is then sent to the person, who can accept as a family member or a friend. On acceptance, you will be connected and visible in the relevant leaderboard.

How can people connect with me?

Others can connect with you by searching for your email address. You can invite and encourage friends to download the app and connect with you through the 4 options in ‘Add people’ within the Connect page. The app lets you post from your facebook and twitter account; or you can send a direct text or email.

How to connect a dog walker?
Simply connect as friends, and your dog walker can request to walk your dog from the ‘Add dogs’ page. You can then view your dog’s recently completed walks on its profile by clicking ‘View all walks’.

How do I accept requests to connect?
All requests to connect with others are displayed within ‘Incoming Requests’ on the connect page. Here you can accept or decline request from family members, walkers or friends.

How do I know if I have received a request?
On the connect page, there will be a red circle containing the number of current requests. If you have no requests, there will be a ‘zero’ within a blue circle.

How do I remove a dog?
To delete a dog’s account, this must be completed by it’s owner / the user that created its account. Please follow these steps:
1. Click the dog’s name on the start walk page.
2. Click ‘Edit Dog’ option on the dog’s profile page.
3. Click ‘Remove Dog’.

If you want to remove a dog from your walking list, visit the connect page. In the manage permissions page there is an option to ‘remove’ a dog that you walk (see below for more information on managing connections).

How do I remove / disconnect with a family member or friend or dog?
On the Connect page, click ‘Manage Permissions’. This is where you can manage your connections with other people and dogs.
To disconnect with family or friend, click the ‘remove’ button next to the name.
To disconnect with a dog, click the ‘remove’ next to the name.

How do I view my dog’s recent walks?
Your dog’s recent walks can be found on its profile page. Click on the dog’s name to view its profile; then select ‘View all walks’. The most recent walks will be displayed at the top of the list.

What are the medals, and how are they achieved?
There are four medals available to be collected. The gold, silver and bronze medals are achieved within the weekly leaderboards. You must finish within the top 3 positions of any leaderboard at the end of each week to earn these medals.

The Green medal represents the number of walker achievements completed; these can be viewed on the user profile page. By selecting each achievement, a description of how the achievement can be unlocked is provided.

When do I receive my leaderboard achievements?
Leaderboard achievements relate to the gold, silver and bronze medals; these are awarded every Sunday to those users that finish in the top 3 positions of the leaderboards. For the timings of when the medals are awarded on each sunday, follow us on twitter @familydogapp.

How do I earn and unlock achievements?
Leaderboard achievements relate to the gold, silver and bronze medals. The family dog points you collect will contribute to your position within the leaderboards.
The green medals are personal achievements that can be unlocked in various ways. To unlock each achievement there are specific challenges or tasks to complete; these tasks can be viewed by clicking on each achievement. The list of achievements can be viewed on your profile page. Once you have unlocked a certain achievement, it will turn from a grey to a brighter colour.

Did this help? If not, please email support @ familydogapp.com. We aim to respond to all matters within 48 hours.